Welcome to the Ladies of Harley’s webpage.


The Ladies of Harley (LOH) is an active portion of our local H.O.G. Chapter.  We are made up of ladies who ride their own bikes, and ladies who ride as passengers – you don’t need to own a bike to participate in the LOH!  Our chapter is a very active group, and we normally meet once a month.

 How can I become a member, you ask?  Well, it’s easier than you think!

 First, you must be an active full, full life, an associate, or an associate life member of H.O.G. (National) to be affiliated with Ladies of Harley.  Although L.O.H. is free of charge, this benefit is not automatic.  If you would like to join, update your membership profile to include LOH.  The next step is to join our Cowboy Chapter 4974 of H.O.G.  Once these two steps are completed, you can start having FUN with the Ladies of Harley.

 The Ladies of Harley will meet once a month for a ride or an activity.  While all Ladies are encouraged to attend, the guys are always welcome.  Please check the calendar on the Cowboy HOG website for locations, and times of LOH activities.  In addition to L.O.H. events, we also assist the HOG Chapter and Dealership with various events, rides, and charitable functions.

If you’re thinking about joining the Cowboy Ladies of Harley – give us a try.  You won’t know what it’s all about and what you are missing if you don’t.  I invite you to drop by one of our events or rides whenever you’d like.  The events and rides are located on the Chapter calendar or this website’s calendar page.